Agos: the Manila Dream (2015)


Based on their undergraduate thesis on how fantasy narratives influence urban migration in the Philippines, director Lyka Gonzalez and writer Yumi Catabijan reimagine a city of a Filipino migrant's dream through this short film. 



Through in-depth interviews with Filipinos who have moved to Metro Manila from various provinces of the Philippines, my research partner Yumi Catabijan and I found that "success" narratives from those who have moved to the city had the greatest influence on the migrant's perspective of Manila. 

These stories are often told by their family and relatives.

Most of these urban migrants come from provinces where agriculture and fishery remain the top industries. The promise of employment and higher wage compelled them to seek opportunities in the city. These allowed them to support their family and build a better life.

Agos premiered in various international film festivals including the 68th Festival de Cannes - Court Métrage.
The research was awarded 2nd Best Thesis by the Department of Communication in S.Y. 2014-2015 at the Loyola Schools of Ateneo de Manila University.

 Nina, whose courage is resolute, makes a choice.