The Mataw fishermen of Batanes

"The Japanese term "Shokunin," does not stop at defining their craftsman, but also implies utmost knowledge, intelligence, and social consciousness. In the final video we put together for Madrid Fusion Manila 2017, we traveled to the northern most tip of the Philippines to meet a man we consider to be our version of a local shokunin. A village of Mataw fishermen in Batanes go out to sea everyday, for two months of the year, in order to fish for Dorado. The short timespan is a decision dictated by tradition, admirably resulting in the prevention of overfishing. The Dorado is dried then smoked, allowing it to last a year on average. It is a practice as old as memory, and one that will continue for as long as there are Mataw. It is people like Jhun that keep us proud of the craftsmanship of the Filipino."


Written by Michelle Ayuyao
Filmed and edited by Lyka Gonzalez
Music produced by Thrones


 Video presented at the Madrid Fusión Manila 2017.