People Who Are Changing
the Way We Travel

Words by GRID Magazine

Travel transcends place. GRID believes that the pretty destinations have always been secondary to the various reasons we travel, and in this issue, we honor the people who have enabled us to experience the Philippines in different and better ways. Editor-in-Chief Kristine Fonacier, Executive Editor Paco Guerrero and Creative Director Nachi Ugarte introduce us to the series.

Videos by Lyka Gonzalez | Music by Kai Engel, Scott Holmes, Bensound and Tours

Mia Sebastian and Kiddo Cosio:
Putting the “union” in La Union

Mia Sebastian of Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel and Kiddo Cosio of El Union, in La Union share their experience growing a community in a place they love.
As part of GRID Magazine’s 11 People Who Are Changing the Way We Travel, the pair reveals the moment that convinced them to stay beachside.


Carlo Navarro and Odessa Bugarin:
The Life Aquatic

As part of GRID Magazine's series on the 11 People Who Are Changing the Way We Travel, we talk to Freedive instructor Carlo Navarro and self-professed mermaid Odessa Bugarin about the resurgence of freediving and their time spent undersea at Aiyanar Resort in Anilao.


Published on GRID Magazine Issue 10 / October-November 2015