A portrait of Nanay Imelda

ZAMBALES, PHILIPPINES — Nanay Imelda is replanting potato sprouts on the dry land surrounding her home. "Mahirap ang buhay namin dito," she reveals. (We live a difficult life here.) The Zambales government promised proper irrigation system for the farmers, but as of February 2017 no project has been implemented in Barangay San Narciso. Farming is all Nanay Imelda has ever known, and now all she could hope for is rain. 

BHAKTAPUR, NEPAL — Women gather around a driven well in Bhaktapur where source for water is limited.

BHAKTAPUR, NEPAL — A woman stands still in front of a public well as she waits for water to fill her containers.

POKHARA, NEPAL — Commuters aboard a public bus in Pokhara after a day's work.

BHAKTAPUR, NEPAL Women in the village walk barefoot during a procession for a deceased leader.

PALAWAN, PHILIPPINES — Sonya, a participant of the Inner Dance Energy School, descends the stairs made of branches at Maia Earth Village. Bahay Kalipay founder Pi Villaraza designed this to house participants who wish to train longer in Puerto Princesa. | This image is part of the story It Takes a Village published on GRID Magazine Volume 2.

PALAWAN, PHILIPPINES — Sonya goes through an emotional trance as she is assissted in her Inner Dance, a healing methodology based on ancient Filipino practices.

PALAWAN, PHILIPPINES A participant goes through a trance-like state during one of the Inner Dance sessions at Bahay Kalipay in Puerto Prinsesa.

Shadows in the City of Light.
PARIS, FRANCE Couples listen to a lone musician playing behind the pillars of the Louvre.

El Dorados

BATANES, PHILIPPINES — A village of Mataw fishermen in Batanes go out to sea everyday, for two months of the year, in order to fish for Dorado. The short timespan is a decision dictated by tradition, admirably resulting in the prevention of overfishing. The Dorado is dried then smoked, allowing it to last a year on average. It is a practice as old as memory, and one that will continue for as long as there are Mataw. Written by Michelle Ayuyao

MINDORO, PHILIPPINES — Thick mucus flow out of the little girl's nasal passages as she stands barefoot on a highway in Puerto Galera. Photographed on assignment covering the Mangyans of Mindoro, December 2017.

NUEVA ECIJA, PHILIPPINES —  The beginning of the year marks the season for planting. Farmers plot the palay or unmilled rice against the rising sun.

QUEZON CITY, PHILIPPINES — The coconut farmers of the KM71 Martsa ng Magniniyog held a prayer vigil at the Ateneo de Manila University on 20 November 2014. They marched from Davao City to Malacañang to speak with former President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III about the return of the Coco Levy Trust Fund. 

ILOILO, PHILIPPINES — Days before his passing, the late filmmaker and photographer Miko Ancheta pauses before the light.

PARIS, FRANCE — The constant search for light drives my photographic pursuits. It allows me to confront harsh realities (inlcuding my own) in the process of transcending our struggles and human suffering. "Blackbird, fly / into the light of the dark black night." Paul McCartney's song Blackbird has become my emblem of hope.